Create the same iron used in the Japanese blades of legend!

Tataranosato, located in the idillyc region of Okuizumo, echoes centuries of Japanese history and folklore.

In this tour, we engage in hands-on iron-making, join shrine ceremonies, visit historical museums, and witness the legendary slaying of Yamata-no-Orochi through the traditional "Izumo-kagura" play.

Hi! I'm Bernardo, I joined  TATARABUKI iron-making by the Tanabe Family and will be adding some insight into Tataranosato's unique tatara iron-making experience!

Japan's unique Tatara iron-making

  • Tatara iron-making is Japan's distinctive method of iron-making, a craft meticulously preserved in Oku-izumo for over 1,300 years. This technique produced iron that was particularly well-suited for crafting the legendary blades of the samurai era. The tradition embodies a profound essence of the Japanese spirit.

The unique Japanese tatara iron, which cannot be replicated by modern steel production, was a cornerstone of Japanese daily life. The properties of the central part of the bloom, called 'tamahagane' (玉鋼), were key to the versatility and sharpness of traditional Japanese swords.

In order to stay true to the values of living sustainably and in harmony with nature, and further share those values beyond our village, we decided to hold the international TATARABUKI iron-making by the Tanabe Family tour.

The many activities are bound to deepen your understanding of Japan, a rare opportunity to experience Japanese tradition hands-on!

TATARABUKI iron-making by the Tanabe Family

Participate in iron-making, join a shrine ceremony and visit history museums, and witness Izumo - kagura—a traditional play of the legendary slaying of Yamata-no-Orochi by the god Susano-o.

Duration Three days, two nights  Accomodation Izumo-Yumura Onsen 
                            Seiranso Hotel  (hot springs, breakfast and dinner included)
                            ※Transportation from and to the Izumo airport or Matsue train station included.